Computing Support Service Levels


Only individuals with either (1) Low Value Purchase Order authority or (2) PALCard holders are authorized to purchase computer supplies and materials at either The UCI Bookstore or outside vendors. An individual who makes an unauthorized purchase of goods or services may be personally responsible for payment of the charges incurred. For unneeded items or items whose purchase would not otherwise be authorized, the unauthorized individual shall be required to pay either the full amount or the amount of any cancellation charges incurred when a cancellation can be arranged. Computing Services does not have access to your funding, therefore cannot place orders. 

Please note that ALL computers purchased with University funds are required to be delivered to the SE Computing Office to be inventoried. As part of this process, equipment 1) will be tagged with our inventory asset identifiers, 2)  checked for any defects and or malfunctions and 3) supporting documentation will be logged for auditing purposes. Please allow 2-3 days after delivery for processing of equipment. For any urgent orders please contact us before ordering.

Service Levels

**See "Computing Services offers the following levels of supportfor further information and explanation**

      Standard** Limited** None
    Support Staff Admin
    (account = SE Tech)
    Yes Yes No

    User Admin Rights
    (account = Install ONLY*  Used by user for updates and hardware installs. Click below for more details.)

    No Yes Yes
    Hardware Repair Installation Yes Yes No
    Hardware Troubleshooting Yes Yes No
    Peripheral Installation Yes No (Self Service) No
    SE Supplied/Initial Software Installation & Troubleshooting Yes Yes Initial Setup
    Software Installation & Troubleshooting Yes No (Self Service) No
    UCI licensed Software Installation * Yes Yes (or OIT) OIT only
    Peripheral Installation Yes No (Self Service) No
    Security Software Installation and Maintenace (See "Security Software" below for details) Yes No (Self Service) No
    External Backup Drive (Faculty
    & Labs)
    No No(Self Service) No
    Backup Configuration Advice Yes Yes No

    Computing Services offers 3 of the following levels of support

    1. Standard Support: User(s) agree to use SE Computing as their only support to fully maintain their computer and agree to run the system with limited rights.  
    2. Limited: SE Computing will support the hardware aspect of the machine while under manufacturer warranty, but will neither cover the service shipment costs nor delivery for service for non-Dell products.  User(s) will take software responsibility of the machine. This includes operating system and application(s) updates, installation of peripherals, and installation of needed software. Upon malware or virus detection/issues, SE Computing will wipe the machine back to the original state when first given to user.    Machines with SOCECO server access do not qualify for this service due to security policies.

      *UCI licensed software maybe installed by SE Computing. If issues arise during installation from other software issues i.e. computer is out of date with updates, other software(s) need updating. User will need to address those issues first in order to complete installations*

    3. None: User(s) will take full rights/responsibility of their equipment. Installations, updates, hardware setups, and or warranty dispute(s) will be taken care of by the user.  No “SE Tech” account will exist.  Machines that require SOCECO server access do not qualify for this service due to security policies.

    *** Limited and None User(s) will take software responsibility of the machine. This includes operating system security updates to keep in compliance with campus and school policies. Application(s) updates, installation of peripherals, and installation of needed software. Upon out of date security software, malware, virus detection/issues campus may deny network access with no additional warning(s). *** 

    Supplied Software

    All Social Ecology equipment will have the following software installed (unless otherwise requested by the user).
    **Please note, for equipment bought during COVID-19 and sent to home addresses, we cannot do any software installs.  The support level will automatically be set to "None".  No exceptions.***

    • Adobe Acrobat Pro ( Please follow link to obtain license from OIT Adobe Pro license )
    • Cisco VPN
    • Windows Defender (Windows Anti virus)
    • McAfee Anti Virus (Apple Computers)
    • Microsoft Office Suite - includes Outlook for email
    • Mozilla FireFox
    • TeamViewer (Remote Assistance)
    • FireEye (security software required by OIT)

    Security Software

    Security software is installed on all "Standard" and "Limited" machines.  "None" support may have the software installed if instructed by the user.  "Limited" and "None" support users are responsible for keeping these software updated.  Most software self update already if the computer is online and do not need user intervention. 

    • "None" support users will need to meet and follow school and campus security protocols. Guidance can be given to meet and comply with these security policies. 

    Data Backup

    User(s) are responsible for maintaining up-to-date backup(s) of data. SE Computing can assist with initial setup and recommendations, but it is up to the user(s) to supply the media to store the backup(s).

    *Note: For more detailed information on Install ONLY accounts see:
    **Hardware must be purchased with either Apple Care or a 3-4 year manufacturer warranty to qualify for either standard or limited service.

    For questions or concerns, please email

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