Windows 7 support by Microsoft ended as of January of 2020

Windows 7** This program is now end of life.  If you need to inquire about replacing Windows 7 machines please email for assistance. **


Windows 7 support by Microsoft has now ended as of January of 2020. Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support PCs running Windows 7. This puts most of the Social Ecology computers at risk.

We have created an upgrade program for current Windows 7 computers. Unfortunately, through our testing with common Social Ecology programs, some computers may not run well enough to qualify.  Below we have listed the minimum requirements that are needed to have a fully functional Windows 10 computer.

Minimum desktop requirement:

  • 2018 Optiplex or above (Sticker located on top of tower)
  • Intel "i" Series (8th Gen.)
  • 8GB RAM

Minimum laptop requirement: 

  • 2018 Latitude above (Sticker located on bottom of laptop)
  • Intel "i" (8th Gen.)
  • (7th Gen.  Intel Processor preferred)
  • 8GB RAM

If you are not sure if your computer(s) meet the requirement please email SE Computing at along with all the Dell tag numbers of your computer(s).  If you need assistance in locating the tag number please follow this link:
If you or your lab are running specialized software we strongly recommend contacting the software manufacturer for details on moving from the Windows 7 version of the software to the Windows 10 version of the software.  Many stats software packages, may not be compatible.
Software business practices have been changing through the years. SE Computing does not have any authority on how these business models are ran or changed. 
Please remember that if your machine does meet the minimum requirement it DOES NOT extend or renew any warranty the computer may have had originally. Performance of the computer will vary by computer and software installed. In some cases replacing the computer is the better solution.