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Support for Windows XP has ended

NO Windows XP LogoApril 8, 2014 marks the long-announced end of Microsoft support for Windows XP and Office 2003. This means Microsoft will cease development of security patches for this product. Systems running XP after April 8 will be open to attacks which present significant security risks to individual computers, to any network to which they are connected and to other computers on that network. In almost all cases, UCI systems and any others connecting to UCInet should be upgraded to Windows 7 or Windows 8 or should be removed from service.


Keep CalmFaculty that have home machines or traveling laptops have the option to obtain "installONLY" accounts. To obtain this type of account, you agree to update the following on a regular basis:

  1. Adobe Flash (one install per browser so one for IE, one for Firefox, one for Safari, etc)
  2. Adobe Reader/Writer
  3. Java
  4. McAfee (must have access to the internet to keep itself updated on minor updates)
  5. All Microsoft Office "required" updates
  6. All Microsoft Operating System "required" updates and/or Mac OS updates
  7. All browser updates (i.e. Safari, IE, Firefox)

To register for security alerts sent out by OIT:


More information directly from http://security.uci.edu :

Purchasing New Equipment

All University owned equipment needs to be approved by our office before any purchases are made.  We check to make sure any equipment you are considering will work within the limits of the campus network and that it will effectively meet your needs.  Sometimes, we even have access to better equipment for a cheaper price.  If you are planning on purchasing new computer equipment, please email Computing Services at se.computing@uci.edu with specific details about what you would like to buy, and we will advise and/or prepare an e-quote.  All Computing Support e-quotes include warranties.  Keep in mind that any purchases made through the Bookstore, must include either the Dell 4 yr. warranty or AppleCare.

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