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If you have not logged into the Social Ecology websites and believe you qualify for a website login in order to update information, please fill out the form below. The websites throughout the School of Social Ecology provide access to the following groups:

  • Graduate Students
  • Faculty and Staff

Graduate Students

Graduate students can login and edit their profile, the list of graduate students for Social Ecology can be found at and when your account is active, you may login to the main Social Ecology site and update your information. In some cases you may need access to information on departmental pages that are protected. In that situation just indicate which site you need access to.

Faculty and Staff

Various faculty and staff within Social Ecology may need access to School or departmental information on protected pages. Just indicate which site you are attempting to login to and we will make sure to activate or update your account. In some cases staff are assigned to edit web sites. Just provide some key information about who has assigned you the role and what site(s) you will be editing.

For any technical questions or other issues concerning the websites within the School of Social Ecology, contact or visit and we will be happy to provide assistance.

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A UCInetID is your name based user-name at UC Irvine. It consists of a 3-8 letter combination of your first and last name. For example, Peter Anteater's UCInetID would be panteat. A UCInetID is not a Student ID Number or an Employee ID which consists of all numbers.
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