WEPA Printing


WEPA allows you to send your print jobs from on or off-campus to the cloud and then release the print job at any of the kiosks. You can send your print job from your desktop, laptop, or iOS/Android device.  Or you can print from your USB key at a kiosk. One sided or duplex printing options in color or black and white are available. The print stations are available in the computer labs.

Social Ecology Computing Labs

ComputerDue to COVID-19, everyone must follow social distancing guidelines.  We have blocked off many seats, and removed chairs. 

Capacity in the labs are very limited.  If no chairs are available, you must come back later. 

The labs priority is for students taking current classes which use our labs.  OIT has two other options:

Virtual computer labs:

and remote access to their labs:

PLEASE NOTE: No food or drink is allowed anywhere in the computer labs. There are no exceptions. This policy protects the equipment from damage and provides for a cleaner shared environment.

There are two computer labs available in the School of Social Ecology:

Social and Behavioral Sciences 4200 is our main instructional lab. When classes are in session, please use the SE 1, 306 computer lab.  You may find information about when the labs are occupied by checking online lab schedules, and the LCD screens located in the lobby of Social Ecology I and on the fourth floor of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Software in our labs include:  Windows 10, Adobe Acrobat (reader), Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), Firefox, Internet Explorer, ArcGIS, SPSS, SAS, Stata, Stat Transfer (on certain computers marked with "ST"), AtlasTi (15 users at a time on any lab computer) and MPlus (5 users at a time on any lab computer).

Installation of software on any Social Ecology lab PC is prohibited. These machines have been set up to meet the needs of all classes and graduate students.  Please check the Open Access OIT lab schedule for software available in their labs.

Other Computing Labs: Office of Information Technology (OIT) has an open access lab in the Social Science tower.  This is the closest lab to our School.  For more information, please check out UCI Open Access Labs.

Lab Hours

***Due to COVID-19, you will need access to the buildings to get into the labs.  SE computer labs are open 8AM - 8PM Monday - Friday.

Learn more about accessing the labs after hours.

Reporting Problems for Social Ecology Labs

If you encounter problems with printing, printers need more paper, or would like to report broken equipment, please email us or call 824-8202 for service (voice mail).

Computing Support Service Levels

Computing Services offers the following levels of support

  1. Standard Support: User(s) agree to use SE Computing as their only support to fully maintain their computer and agree to run the system with limited rights.  
  2. Limited: SE Computing will support the hardware aspect of the machine while under manufacturer warranty, but will neither cover the service shipment costs nor delivery for service for non-Dell products.  User(s) will take software responsibility of the machine. This includes operating system and application(s) updates, installation of peripherals, and installation of needed software. Upon malware or virus detection, SE Computing will wipe the machine back to the original state.    

    *UCI licensed software maybe installed by SE Computing. If issues arise during installation from other software issues i.e. computer is out of date with updates, other software(s) need updating. User will need to address those issues first in order to complete installations*

  3. None: User(s) will take full rights/responsibility of their equipment. Installations, updates, hardware setups, and or warranty dispute(s) will be taken care of by the user.  No “SE Tech” account will exist. is a web-based plagiarism prevention and detection tool. Student work is checked against a database for any matches between submitted papers and any internet content or previously submitted work. If you are an instructor considering using Turnitin, contact Jennifer Brantley for instructions on setting up an account for your class.


Individual UCInetIDs are granted to each member of the faculty, staff, and student population at UCI. For the duration of your relationship with UCI, you will use your individual UCInetID regularly to access important online services, one example would be accessing email services.

Accounts: Research

Research accounts are usually set up by Faculty members, shared by a group of researchers and do not generally have print credits.

To login use your assigned login ID, password, and in the third field select "SOCECO."

If there is a need to reset the account password or any other related requests, please ask the appropriate Faculty member to contact Social Ecology Computing Support for the reset.