WEPA Printing


WEPA allows you to send your print jobs from on or off-campus to the cloud and then release the job at any of the kiosks. You can send your print job from your desktop, laptop, or iOS/Android device.  Or you can print from your USB key at a kiosk. One sided or duplex printing options in color or black and white are available. The print stations are available in the SBSG 4200 computer lab and in the lobby of SE 1.


Social Ecology Computing Labs

OIT has an option of "virtual computer labs" please see:

PLEASE NOTE: No food or drink is allowed anywhere in the computer labs. There are no exceptions. This policy protects the equipment from damage and provides for a cleaner shared environment.

There is only one computer lab available in the School of Social Ecology:

Social and Behavioral Sciences 4200 is our only instructional lab. When classes are in session, please use the OIT labs as an alternative.  You may find information about when the labs are occupied by checking the online lab schedule.

Software in our labs include:  Windows 11, Adobe Acrobat (reader), Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), Firefox, Microsoft Edge, ArcGIS, SPSS, SAS, Stata, AtlasTi (15 users at a time on any lab computer) and MPlus (5 users at a time on any lab computer).

Installation of software on any Social Ecology lab PC is prohibited. These machines have been set up to meet the needs of all classes and graduate students.  Please check the Open Access OIT lab schedule for software available in their labs.

Other Computing Labs: Office of Information Technology (OIT) has an open access lab in the Social Science tower.  This is the closest lab to our School.  For more information, please check out UCI Open Access Labs.

Learn more about accessing the SBSG Computer lab after hours

Reporting Problems for Social Ecology Labs

If you encounter problems with printing, printers need more paper, or would like to report broken equipment, please email us or call 824-8202 for service (voice mail).

Email Lists

SE Computing maintains several email lists for sending emails to different groups within the school.

New Lists:  We can help guide you with new lists to groups/departments/centers within the School of Social Ecology.  The requestor needs someone to administer their list (respond to add/remove requests and approve or deny emails sent to the list).

What we support

Equipment: Support is provided for UC Irvine-purchased equipment only. Support for UCI-owned equipment located off campus can be done remotely.  We apologize, but cannot support home wireless networks - please consult your internet service provider for help.

Who we support

Faculty: Support exclusively for the School of Social Ecology's current and emeritus faculty.

Staff: Support exclusively for the School of Social Ecology's staff.

Graduate Students: Assistance is provided in support of faculty research labs/projects.  Assistance also provided with any SE lab accounts for grad students, or TA's teaching in our SBSG 4200 Computer Lab.
*SE Computing may provide additional support for dissertation defense presentations when feasible.  Please reach out and ask.


In addition to your SE Computing office, UCI has a separate, large central computing organization called the Office of Information Technology (OIT).  Many central services provided by OIT are free (basic networking and wi-fi, Duo multi-factor authentication, Canvas), others are offered as paid services (telephone services, some server hosting, research VM server hosting, etc.).  You can visit OIT's site for their contact information and posted hours.  If you have any questions about who to turn to, please

Apple M Series Silicon Chips

We are aware that Apple has released its new silicon M chip series.  Currently Apple has made the complete transition to all their computer products.  SE computing will be recommending users checking with software manufacturers, if running specific software outside the standard SE list.  The M series silicon chip currently does NOT support a virtual Microsoft Windows 10 installation via Boot Camp.  Which will hinder many of our users that require this feature via Boot Camp. 

Adobe Software Licensing

Campus is supplying Adobe Pro software licenses for 2023 rather licensing at the school level. If Creative Cloud Suite is needed please have a KFS account number ready for entry.

Please start by going to  and requesting the appropriate license for your needs. Without this, you will be only have a trial license. Computing can no longer issue the licenses as it's ONLY a self-service process now.