TeamViewer Remote Support

TeamViewerThe School of Social Ecology computing services provides remote support using TeamViewer. This product allows for us to remotely connect to your computer and provide technical support. TeamViewer allows support technicians to understand and resolve computer problems without having to physically visit your office or bring your computer from home. Using this remote screen-sharing software saves everyone's time and is especially helpful when you need to get a problem resolved quickly.

Social Ecology Website Login

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Webauth pageWithin the School of Social Ecology you may need to login to various websites for the purpose of editing pages, editing your faculty profile information, editing your graduate student profile information and access restricted pages on our intranet. In order to login to any site you must have a registered and approved account. You can request a website login using the form at the Computing Services website located at and submit your information for account approval.

Request website login

If you have not logged into the Social Ecology websites and believe you qualify for a website login in order to update information, please fill out the form below. The websites throughout the School of Social Ecology provide access to the following groups:

  • Graduate Students
  • Faculty and Staff

Retiring Employees

RetirementEmployees that retire have the option to request their email be changed into a retired account (must be requested by the user):

Assume that once you leave, any files that will need to be passed onto the next person will be packaged up and saved on one of the shared drives, or a M: drive of your choice.  No files left on the computer of the person retiring will be saved.

Regarding emails - UCI does not grant access to email of the person that's leaving.  Any emails that need to be preserved, should be forwarded or saved as a separate attachment.

Please work with your employees to be sure that anything that needs to be preserved for the next person is backed up either by an external drive or stored on a shared drive.  Any personal files they want to take with them will need to be copied or removed by the employee's last day.