TeamViewer Remote Support

TeamViewerThe School of Social Ecology computing services provides remote support using TeamViewer. This product allows for us to remotely connect to your computer and provide technical support. TeamViewer allows support technicians to understand and resolve computer problems without having to physically visit your office or bring your computer from home. Using this remote screen-sharing software saves everyone's time and is especially helpful when you need to get a problem resolved quickly.


SE Computing Services provides training on the use of computers or software on a one-off basis. Some specific software titles are available via a campus agreement with Udemy for users with specific training needs..

Email Lists

SE Computing maintains several email lists for sending emails to different groups within the school.

New Lists:  We can help guide you with new lists to groups/departments/centers within the School of Social Ecology.  The requestor needs someone to administer their list (respond to add/remove requests and approve or deny emails sent to the list).


The school provides each department with a Xerox multi-function printer. If needed, a faculty member may purchase a personal printer with their funding, and a staff member may request a personal printer (with department head approval and funding). Computing Services is available to help with quotes for purchasing, and will perform basic troubleshooting (e.g., clear paper jams). Any additional required service (toner, imaging drum, service kits) is the responsibility of the owner/vendor.

Buying Software

The campus requires reviewing all software purchases to ensure adherence to security and accessibility requirements. SE Computing can assist with installing, using and troubleshooting our Standard Software titles. For specialized software requests or unusual use cases, please fill out the required campus software procurement form and send it to SE Computing for a security review by campus.


SE Computing is available to help with computer hardware and software purchases for UCI use. We help ensure that equipment and software will meet the needs and requirements of individual use cases.

Who we support

Faculty: Support exclusively for the School of Social Ecology's current and emeritus faculty.

Staff: Support exclusively for the School of Social Ecology's staff.

Graduate Students: Assistance is provided in support of faculty research labs/projects.  Assistance also provided with any SE lab accounts for grad students, or TA's teaching in our SBSG 4200 Computer Lab.
*SE Computing may provide additional support for dissertation defense presentations when feasible.  Please reach out and ask.


In addition to your SE Computing office, UCI has a separate, large central computing organization called the Office of Information Technology (OIT).  Many central services provided by OIT are free (basic networking and wi-fi, Duo multi-factor authentication, Canvas), others are offered as paid services (telephone services, some server hosting, research VM server hosting, etc.).  You can visit OIT's site for their contact information and posted hours.  If you have any questions about who to turn to, please