Computing Services

HelpWelcome to the Social Ecology Computing Services web site. We provide information technology, facilities and support to help the faculty, staff and students of the School of Social Ecology at the University of California, Irvine meet their learning, teaching and research goals. For assistance you may find answers here on our web site or feel free to contact our office. Submit a request via our web site or you may contact our office by calling (949) 824-8202 or sending email to

Statistical Software


Purchasing options:
You can either purchase these through Social Ecology (webform required see link below), on campus through the Office of Information and Technology (OIT) or directly from IBM (this will forego our education license discount).

** Please fill out the form. The form is required in order to obtain a license lease through SE Computing. **

Purchasing Computer Equipment

All computing equipment paid for with University funds should be approved by our office before any hardware purchases are made.  We check to make sure any equipment you are considering will work within the limits of the campus network and that it will effectively meet your needs.  In some cases we have access to better equipment at a lesser price.  If you are planning on purchasing new computer equipment, please email Computing Services at with specific details about what you would like to buy, and we will advise and/or prepare an equote. All Computing Support equotes include warranties.  Keep in mind all hardware purchases, must include a 4 year warranty (PC) or AppleCare+ for Education (Mac).