Editing your Graduate Student Profile

Graduate student menu bar

In order to edit your graduate student profile, you must first login to the Social Ecology website and then after logging in, your will see a menu bar at the very top of the page. The menu items on the left of the menu bar include "Graduate student profile" and "Intranet pages" and on the right there is a link to logout from the website.

After logging in you may click on "Graduate student profile" and you should be taken to your graduate student profile page. There, under your name, you should see a link for "View" and "Edit". If you click on the edit link you will be presented with the following options for editing:

Social Ecology Website Login

Login Link

Request website login

Webauth pageWithin the School of Social Ecology you may need to login to various websites for the purpose of editing pages, editing your faculty profile information, editing your graduate student profile information and access restricted pages on our intranet. In order to login to any site you must have a registered and approved account. You can request a website login using the form at the Computing Services website located at http://computing.soceco.uci.edu/webforms/request-website-login and submit your information for account approval.

Request website login

If you have not logged into the Social Ecology websites and believe you qualify for a website login in order to update information, please fill out the form below. The websites throughout the School of Social Ecology provide access to the following groups:

  • Graduate Students
  • Faculty and Staff


Turnitin.com is a web-based plagiarism prevention and detection tool. Student work is checked against a database for any matches between submitted papers and any internet content or previously submitted work. If you are an instructor considering using Turnitin, contact Ashley Vikander for instructions on setting up an account for your class.