Purchasing Computer Equipment

All computing equipment paid for with University funds needs to be approved by our office before any purchases are made.  We check to make sure any equipment you are considering will work within the limits of the campus network and that it will effectively meet your needs.  In some cases we have access to better equipment at a lesser price.  If you are planning on purchasing new computer equipment, please email Computing Services at se.computing@uci.edu with specific details about what you would like to buy, and we will advise and/or prepare an e-quote. All Computing Support e-quotes include warranties.  Keep in mind all purchases, must include a 4 year warranty (PC) or AppleCare+ for Education (Mac).

Dell Computing Equipment:

The university currently has an agreement with Dell. Our prices are not posted through Dell.com since they are specific to UCI.  Equipment purchased from Dell are from the professional series line, which includes professional grade components and parts. This means you will receive the "latest and greatest" at a discount. Our warranty with Dell is a 4 year next day onsite service. In some cases, for laptops, it does cover accidental damage such as drops and spills. You will receive a copy of the warranty agreement and we highly recommend reading through the terms of the service. Please remember that Microsoft Office Suite, anti-virus, and Adobe Reader are installed by SE Computing and do not need to be purchased. Prices may vary on equipment due to the time of purchase and special pricing from Dell events.

*Prices may vary on equipment and parts due to the time of purchase and availability.

Apple Computing Equipment:

Apple has educational pricing and requires purchases from one certified reseller, no exceptions. Apple Care is required on all Apple desktops, laptops, and tablets.  Please read the Apple Care service agreement for the terms and conditions. Please remember that Microsoft Office Suite, anti-virus, and Adobe Reader Pro are installed by SE Computing and do not need to be purchased.

Other "Brands" of Computing Equipment:

We understand that there are other "brands" of computers that might fit your needs.  We recommend contacting SE Computing for help or questions.  Other computer "brands" will still need a 3 or 4 yr warranty. Unfortunately, since we do not have agreements with other "brands", pricing and the type of service will vary from company to company. SE Computing will help diagnose any issues if possible, but will not cover ANY fees occured. ALL warranty disputes will be handled/addressed by the purchaser/user of the computer.  Every company is different in the way they handle warranty issues, we HIGHLY recommend reading the terms and conditions of the warranty agreement before purchasing.

***Computing equipment that has been purchased without a warranty will receive service level "None" from Computing Support.

Please note:  Computers that are for use on campus and tied to the Social Ecology network, will not have administrative access (exception: traveling laptops and home machines). If you need special privileges please click the link below under "See Also." If you need further explaination please email se.computing@uci.edu.  

Keep in mind, Computing Services does not have access to your funding therefore we cannot place orders.  We will happily send your quotes to whoever purchases for you.

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