TeamViewer Remote Support

TeamViewerThe School of Social Ecology computing services provides remote support using TeamViewer. This product allows for us to remotely connect to your computer and provide technical support. TeamViewer allows support technicians to understand and resolve computer problems without having to physically visit your office or bring your computer from home. Using this remote screen-sharing software saves everyone's time and is especially helpful when you need to get a problem resolved quickly.

Faculty Encryption Guide

This guide provides an overview of “in-place” or “data at rest” encryption. The focus is on workstation (or desktop), laptop and external drive encryption. This is to protect your information, especially research data, from being accessed by non-authorized people. The focus is not on “data in motion” which means encrypting file transfers on a network, for example.

Statistics software licenses

Please fill out the form below to order or renew your SPSS and/or SAS license. Licenses are leased and not purchased.  The expiration of the license(s) is June 30, 2019. The price of the license IS NOT PRORATED during the year by OIT. There are no refunds once software is installed.

Computing Support Service Levels

Computing Services offers the following levels of support

  1. Standard Support: User(s) agree to use SE Computing as their only support to fully maintain their computer and agree to run the system with limited rights.  
  2. Limited: SE Computing will support the hardware aspect of the machine while under manufacturer warranty, but will neither cover the service shipment costs nor delivery for service for non-Dell products.  User(s) will take software responsibility of the machine. This includes operating system and application(s) updates, installation of peripherals, and installation of needed software. Upon malware or virus detection, SE Computing will wipe the machine back to the original state.    

    *UCI licensed software maybe installed by SE Computing. If issues arise during installation from other software issues i.e. computer is out of date with updates, other software(s) need updating. User will need to address those issues first in order to complete installations*

  3. None: User(s) will take full rights/responsibility of their equipment. Installations, updates, hardware setups, and or warranty dispute(s) will be taken care of by the user.  No “SE Tech” account will exist.


Keep CalmFaculty that have home machines or traveling laptops have the option to obtain "installONLY" accounts. To obtain this type of account, you agree to update the following on a regular basis:

  1. Adobe Flash (one install per browser so one for IE, one for Firefox, one for Safari, etc)
  2. Adobe Reader/Writer
  3. Java
  4. McAfee (must have access to the internet to keep itself updated on minor updates)
  5. All Microsoft Office "required" updates
  6. All Microsoft Operating System "required" updates and/or Mac OS updates
  7. All browser updates (i.e. Safari, IE, Firefox)

To register for security alerts sent out by OIT:


More information directly from http://security.uci.edu :